Exit Games Neutron technology comes to the iPhone

Exit Games announce that their cross-platform multiplayer gaming service called Neutron is now compatible with the iPhone. The game developers can now integrate online multiplayer and social gaming features into the iPhone games by using the Neutron technology and the cross-platform capabilities.

The Neutron multiplayer and social gaming platform features billing and in-game microtransactions, real-time, turn-based and tournament multiplayer options, Game lobbies, buddy lists, leaderboards, profiles, in-game voice and text chat.

“The iPhone presents a very unique opportunity for mobile online gaming as it is both specifically designed for online services and comes with the App Store, an already successful and accessible distribution channel”, said Christof Wegmann, CTO of Exit Games. “Neutron’s support of this new and innovative mobile device will ensure that iPhone game developers have a means to take advantage of its wireless connectivity and add social gaming features.” Wegmann further adds, “The iPhone will surely establish itself as a dominant mobile gaming platform and we’re pleased to support multiplayer and social features in games developed for the device.”

The Neutron 5.0 SDKs provide a wide range of connectivity features, along with the hosting services it enables the game developers to integrate excellent online features with minimum cost and investment.

Neutron leverages large user communities, supports online gaming on the mobile, PC and console platforms like J2ME, BREW, Windows Mobile, Flash Lite, Blackberry, Win32, J2SE, .NET, Flash (Web, Wii, PS3). Now, the next one to join the league is the iPhone.