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General Awareness (Anytime) 22 July 2015

Submitting banking general knowledge which will be helpful for every examination including banking under category ANYTIME
1. From MUDRA Bank you will get loan for 50,000 rupees under SHISHU category and loan of rupee 5 lacs under KISHORE category.

2. State Bank Of India or SBI Bank has become the first bank of India to launch it's own homegrown Economic Index.

3. What is the maximum deposit amount insured by the DICGC (Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation)?

Ans. The maximum deposit amount insured by the DICGC (Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation) is Rupees one lakh (1 Lakh).

Well, but what is DICGC?

Ans. Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation ( DICGC) is a subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India . It was established on July 15, 1978 under Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation Act, 1961 for the purpose of providing insurance of deposits and guaranteeing of credit facilities. DICGC insures all bank deposits, such as saving, fixed, current, recurring deposits for up to the limit of Rs. 100,000 of each deposits in a bank.

GK Questions Asked in IBPS Clerk Exam 14th December 2014

GK and computer section which was asked

Morning Shift

(1) UNIDO headquarter
(2) In which bank LAGHU ACCOUNT can be opened?
(3) Which of the following is not in the list of top 10 richest person ?
(4) In IFFI RAJNAIKANT awarded by whom?
(5) NCR full form
(6) Sarita devi related with which Dance?
(7) ECGL full form
(8) CDS percentage

GK Questions Asked in IBPS Clerk Exam 13th December

Morning Shift 

  • What is the full form of NAV? - Net Asset Value
  • What is the use of KYC ? - Anti Money Laundring
  • Richard Flanagan is the citizen of which country?- Australia
  • What is the capital of saudi arabia? - Riyadh
  • Narendra modi is the second prime minister who gave speech in Hindi in UN, first was ? - Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  • What is the constituency of Nitin Gadkari?- Nagpur 
  • Verge e mail provided by which company?- IBM
  • What is the currency of Brazil – Real
  • What is the full form of IPO? – Initial Public Offering
  • Who is the Science and Technology Minister ? – Harsh Vardhan
  • Air Force Day – 8th October
  • UNDP Headquarter – New York

Ministers and their Constituency

Ministers and their Constituency as per Dec 2014

1. Minister Narendra Modi - Varanasi

2. Rajnath Singh - Lucknow

3. Sushma Swaraj - Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh)

4. Arun Jaitley - Rajya Sabha (Gujarat)

5. M. Venkaiah Naidu - Rajya Sabha (Karnataka)

6. Nitin Jairam Gadkari - Nagpur (Maharashtra)

7. Manohar Parrikar - Panaji

8. Suresh Prabhu - Rajya Sabha (Haryana)

Computer keyboard shortcut keys

Some basic Keys Common Tasks

  • Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar - Create a non breaking space
  • Ctrl + B - Make letters bold
  • Ctrl + I - Make letters italic
  • Ctrl + U - Make letters underline
  • Ctrl + Shift+ < - Decrease font size one value
  • Ctrl + Shift + > - Increase the font size one value
  • Ctrl + [ - Increase the font size by 1 point
  • Ctrl + ] - Decrease the font size by 1 point
  • Ctrl + Spacebar - Remove paragraph or character formatting.
  • Ctrl + C - Copy the selected text or object
  • Ctrl + X - Cut the selected text or object
  • Ctrl + V - Paste text or an object
  • Ctrl + Alt + V - Paste special
  • Ctrl + Shift + V - Paste formatting only
  • Ctrl + Z - Undo the last action
  • Ctrl + Y - Redo the last action

Computer - Some Important Abbreviations


  • Al – Artificial intelligence
  • ALGOL – Algorithmic Language
  • ARP – Address resolution Protocol
  • ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange


  • BINAC  - Binary Automatic Computer
  • BCC – Blind Carbon Copy
  • Bin – Binary
  • BASIC - Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  • BIOS – Basic Input Output System
  • Bit – Binary Digit
  • BSNL – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

BPS Clerk Exam - 7th Dec 2014

GA & Computer Questions Asked in - IBPS Clerk Exam - 7th Dec 2014

Morning Shift

  • Largest Flower in the World - Rafflesia arnoldii
  • Environment Minister - Prakash Javdekar
  • GOAFEN - 2 is the satellite of which country - China
  • ARSAT satellite belong to which country - ARGENTINA
  • Which symbol when entered in excel cell is considered to be formula - =
  • Java is what language - Programming
  • MS DOS is what - command line interface
  • Information travels as what through network or internet - Packets
  • Bold shortcut - Ctrl + B
  • Keys pressed when you want to bring up task manager to end a task - Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • UNICEF Head quarter - New York
  • Mortgage are which type of property - Property Types
  • ICC ODI Captain of the year - Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • Ritu Rani is related to which sports - Hockey
  • Which game held in Inch eon - Asian Games
  • NBFC is regulated by - SEBI
  • One byte has how many bits - 8

IBPS CLERK - 6th December

Here we are providing you all the General Awareness and Computer Questions which was asked in IBPS Clerk 2014 - 6th December 2014 (both Morning and Evening Shift).


  • In MOM first M stands for - MARS
  • Who is the author of the book 'Playing it my way'  - Sachin Tendulkar
  • Where is the capital of Sweden? - Stockholm,
    Currency: Swedish krona
  • World chess champion event of 2014 held in ? - Sochi, Russia Capital: Moscow
    Currency: Russian ruble
  • Where is the headquarter of UNESCO ? - Paris, France
    Currencies: Euro, CFP franc
  • KLO (Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (terrorist group)) is active in which state ? Assam and West Bengal
  • What is the full form of NPA ? - Non Performing Assets
  • Who is the lender of last resort for banks in india ? - RBI
  • What is the full form of URL? - Uniform Resource Locator
  • What is the full form of KYC? - Know Your Customer 
  • What is the full form of BC? -Business Correspondent
  • Next Commonwealth summit will be held in ? - Malta (capital - Valletta, Currency - Euro) -  Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2015, also known as CHOGM 2015 is the next and 24th meeting

List of Famous Indian Missiles


(Range: 150 km, Payload: 1000 kg, User: Army)
(Range: 250 km - 350 km, Payload: 500 kg - 1000 kg, User: Air Force, Army)

(Range: 350 km - 600 km, Payload: 250 kg - 500 kg, User: Army, Air Force, Navy)
(Range: 700 – 1,200 km, Type: Medium Range Ballistic Missile (MRBM), User: Army, Air Force)

Females- Who Achieved The Things First in India

The first lady to become Miss World
Rita Faria
The first woman judge in Supreme Court
Mrs. Meera Sahib Fatima Bibi
The first woman Ambassador
Miss C.B. Muthamma

The first woman Governor of a state in free India
Mrs Sarojini Naidu
The first woman Speaker of a State Assembly
Shanno Devi
The first woman Prime Minister
Mrs Indira Gandhi
The first woman Minister in a Government
Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
The first woman to climb Mount Everest
Bachhendri Pal
The first woman to climb Mount Everest twice
Santosh Yadav
The first woman President of Indian National Congress
Mrs Annie Besant
The first woman pilot in Indian Air Force
Harita Kaur Dayal
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