Tyre rotation – Change your Front Tyer to Rear Ryer or Rear Tyer from Front

Tyre rotation

Tyre rotationMany tyre manufacturers agree that it is no longer good practice to rotate your tyres in order to extend their legal life. The reasons for this are;
  • Partly worn tyres are more likely to experience punctures – particularly in wet weather conditions.
  • Front tyre deflation will create an under-steer effect which is easier to control than over-steer (the effect produced by a rear tyre deflation)
In the unlikely event that a tyre deflates suddenly, then it is easier to control the vehicle if this occurs at the front of the vehicle. For improved handling and stability it is now recommended that the ‘best’ tyres should always be fitted at the rear of the vehicle. This is irrespective of whether the car is front or rear wheel drive.
Because of this at Kwik Fit we do not recommend tyre rotation and we do recommend fitting your best tyres at the rear of the vehicle. If you are replacing a single tyre then this should be paired with the rear with the tyre having the most tread depth. There are some circumstances when this advice does not apply, such as;
  • Where front and rear tyre sizes are designed to be different
  • Where a vehicle is designed to have directional tyres at the front and asymmetric at the rear