New valves

New valvesValves help to maintain tyre pressure and permit air to be added or removed.

The valve in your wheel is a small but very important part of your vehicle as far as safety and tyre life is concerned. It holds the pressure inside the tyre assembly and is the access point to adjust your tyre pressure. A valve cap in good condition is also essential as it provides a secondary seal and prevents dirt from getting inside. Click here to see an illustration of a valve.

Valves can be made from rubber which deteriorates with age and use. Valves can become damaged or worn but will inevitably deteriorate through ageing, the force they are subjected to while driving and exposure to the elements. They are relatively inexpensive yet vital to the performance of tyres and your safety. Manufacturers recommend valves are replaced every time your tyres are changed.

An increasing number of vehicle makes and models have pressure sensor valves. The sensors feed back automatically by way of either an audible warning or via driver display and some show variations to the manufacturer's recommended tyre pressure.