EzVision - Video Eyewear

EzVision - Video Eyewear

Why get headaches thinking what may the future bring us as you can feel the future today?
The EzVision Video Eyewear gadget makes you travel through time to that cyber community future. This futuristic gadget represents new glasses with a weight of only 68g but with some spectacular features.

First to start it you will have to plug it into your iPod video or into a portable video or DVD player if you wish to watch your movie in a breathtaking way, the same effect you may get when looking at a huge cinema screen.

When you put them on the real world disappears for some time, and you get right into the movie. It is a thing you have never done before. It includes retractable headphones that are already built into the arms of specs.

Now you may watch movies in your bed without disturbing your sole mate’s sleep, you may watch it in the back seat of your car and even when traveling by bus, train, or airplane.

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours, a volume control, adaptors to connect iPods and DVD players.

Has a resolution of 320*240, a 50 inch virtual screen to watch DVD, TV, videos from the video iPod and even play video