I-SOBOT micro humanoid robot

Robotomania continues. This time it is the worlds smallest fully articulated humanoid robot. If you are still looking for the best gift for your kids, get the new I - Sobot, a gadget that represents the big brother of the omnibot from the 80's.

Its personality is based on four operational modes. The movements of the I-Sobot are controlled by the LCD remote control unit mode.

Just move the joystick and push some buttons and the I-Sobot will start to walk and perform dozens of motions. He can balance on one leg, lie down and get up from any position.

Its programming mode allows to program a sequence of 80 actions and after all replay them with a single button press.

Command him to play a guitar, whistle or watch those 18 preprogrammed special actions. For the whole picture don't forget the most important mode - the voice control command. He recognizes 10 voice commands, speaks using over 200 words and phrases.

Your wish is his command. Speak to him and he will react with many unpredictable but appropriate actions.

The i-sobot measures 6.5*3.8*2.6 and weights only 12.0z. Three AAA batteries are already included. When these batteries are fully charged, the i-sobot will run 60 minutes under normal operation.

He is based on built-in Gyro sensor, a built-in speaker unit and microphone along with a voice recognition chip.

The servo unit has 17 degrees of freedom, has 3.38cm in height, 4cm in width,0.33 cm in depth. Its maximum movement degree is 220 that's quite enough for a gadget this smart.