Portable laser powerful enough to burn through plastic

Back in the childhood days, we often played with magnifying glass - it was very cool to burn holes with the dot of concentrated light. And remember, how you wished to have one of those cool James Bond lasers that burned even through thick glass! With help of new technologies, manufacturers resurrect old childhood dreams, and make them possible - and this laser is one of them.

Hercules 400 laser is not a laser pointer to which we are used to. It is a true powerful laser, which can burn a hole in the thick cardboard boxes! With 400 mW of power the laser ray is powerful enough to burn even trough thick plastic. It can ignite firework fuses, pop balloons - even from a distance of dozens of yards, and its beam can be seen miles away! Like a lightsaber, only larger. It can be also used like a method to poke images on wooden plates - just try to not ignite them.

This laser is sold with a price tag of 3000 dollars, which is quite high for a toy. Unfortunately, I think most of our readers are already got past that age, in which we would have sold our family in slavery for one of those. However, if you need a high-tech method to ignite fireworks from distance - maybe this gadget can be useful for you. Just remember to keep it away from eyes, because a laser beam of that power can blind a man in seconds.