Portable Plasma Ball - attracts and charms

It looks like every businessman have a gadget that helps to relax or to think better on his table. But all these gadgets are old-fashioned now, because here comes new generation of those pretty gadgets that can be put on a working table for appearance.

Portable Plasma Ball is one the greatest and the most extraordinary representative of those gadgets. Actually, it is hard to say what it is for, because it doesn't realize some definite functions. It is a modern object of art. All these metallic pendulums are not actual and unusual anymore. But this plasma ball is something new and really interesting.

It has some magnetic features. You can't even take your eyes off it. The ball looks mysterious and really beautiful. When you put your fingers on the glass surface, multicolored bolts of light will follow every move of your fingers! It looks really amazing and fascinating. This ball attracts much attention.

It might help you to think something over. Who knows, maybe one day a brilliant idea will come on your mind, while touching this plasma ball and observing incredible flashlights.

It also helps if you are depressed. You can watch all the beauty happening inside the ball and think about eternal, about the sense of life and your future plans. It looks like everything will seem more optimistic and cheerful with the help of the plasma ball.

Your portable plasma ball will become another one topic of discussions and admirations.