A new Nokia concept: fan phone with a flexible screen

In case you were impressioned with the Morph concept, then we are ready to strike you again, now with a phone concept Open.

So far, we know only that Nokia Open support connectivity 4 Gb and includes flexible display, which we have already admired a year ago produced by Sony. The gadget has a fan form, and in seems that it will be rather difficult to carry it in the pocket, because of it's fragility. As we can see, the handset is equipped with a camera, and probably a virtual keypad on the touch screen.

The image of this gadget was discovered on the Flickr after what appeared on the Concept Phones, but Nokia haven't made any comments in connection with this concept. In case it works in this gadget we may see it in sale after 2015, because Nokia Morph is programmed for launch in 7 years.