Volkswagen Polo Vs Maruti Swift

Maruti Swift looks very stylish and its design has been liked all over the world. It appears very sporty and thick. On the other hand, Volkswagen Polo’s looks more polished and graceful. Polo is longer than Swift by 210mm while Swift has more width than Polo.

Suzuki Swift has more powerful engine performance as compared to VW Polo. Swift inherits the engine performance from Maruti family. With latest upgradation of engine to BS IV complaint K-Series engine, Swift has 1197 cc engine that offers 85 bhp. On other hand, Volkswagen Polo comes with 1198cc petrol engine that offers 75bhp. Thus, Maruti Swift answers your need for more powerful and super reliable car as compared to VW Polo.

In comparison to Polo, Suzuki Swift is a lighter car. In terms of driving stability and control, the design of Swift is superior to Volkswagen Polo and it allows for better handling of car within city and traffic conditions. The engine of the Swift comes with 4 cylinders while 1.2 L Polo engine has 3 cylinders, therefore Swift driving on highways is superior to VW Polo.

Interiors of Polo are more exquisite and graceful than Swift interiors. Doors and interior designs of polo are class apart. Here, Polo clearly scores over Swift.  Talking about the space inside the car, Swift is taller as compared to the Polo. However, Polo comes with seat height adjuster and presence of fabric hosiery on the seats makes the rear seat more comfortable than Swift, especially during the long journey. As Swift is a taller car than Polo, therefore head room on the Swift is more than that of Polo. On other hand, boot space of Polo is more than the Swifts by a small margin.

As far as the ride quality is concerned, Polo wins the close race with Swift. However, Swift scores over Polo in terms of acceleration and top speed areas. VW Polo has better Fuel efficiency than Maruti Swift. Polo offers the mileage of 17 kmpl while Maruti Swift offers the mileage of 15kmpl. Buyers who are looking for a fuel efficient car than VW Polo is preferred choice over Swift.

 For those buyers who are price conscious, Maruti Swift provides the answer. The spares parts of Maruti Swift are available cheaply and it is backed by best after sales service (ASS).
For those buyers who give preference to smooth world class ride and like captivating interiors then VW Polo is the preferred choice. Although VW Polo comes at higher price and demands more money on ASS and spares, yet it gives the satisfaction of top class ride and interior quality.