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Renault Pulse Review

Renault and Nissan share the same plant in Chennai to manufacture their cars for the Indian car market. The two automakers have a global joint-venture to share their technology as well.

Renault India has unveiled its all-new small car 'Pulse' for India, though it is not that much new. It is based on the V-platform on which Nissan Micra was developed and one can easily tell that it is Micra with Renault badge. Renault will manufacture the Pulse at its Chennai facility and will try to heavily localize the car. Renault Pulse was unveiled by Carlos Ghosn, the Chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Renault Pulse will be initially available in diesel only which will be followed by petrol version later. The diesel engine will be same 1.5 litre engine which powers the Micra and develops maximum power of 64 bhp with maximum torque of 160 nm. The base model of Pulse diesel (RxL) has been priced very competitively at Rs. 5.77 lakhs. Previously it was expected that Pulse would be based on Renault Modus or Clio but to keep the costs down and heavily localise the car, Renault India decided to manufacture it on the platform of Nissan Micra.


Pulse Diesel
Car Body Type:
B Segment


Build quality
Fuel efficient diesel engine
Resemblers a lot to Nissan Micra
Available in only diesel


1461cc, 4 cyl
Engine Type:
Maximum Power:
64 Bhp @ 4000 rpm
Maximum Torque:
160 Nm @ 2000 rpm


3805 mm
1665 mm
1525 mm


Seating Capacity:
Tyre Size:
165/70 R14
Turning Circle:
4.65 mtrs.
Boot Space:
251.00 ltrs.
Front Disk, Rear Drum
5 Manual
Ground Clearance:
120.00 mm
Kerb Weight:
1050.00 kgs.
Fuel Tank:

Version Avg Ex-Showroom Price
Renault Pulse RxL
1461cc Diesel, Manual, kpl   

Rs. 5,82,368
Renault Pulse RxL Airbags
1461cc Diesel, Manual, kpl  

Rs. 5,95,896
Renault Pulse RxZ
1461cc Diesel, Manual, kpl   

Rs. 6,31,339
Renault Pulse RxZ Airbags
1461cc Diesel, Manual, kpl   Full Specs | Features
Rs. 6,44,118

Renault Pulse comparison to Nissan Micra

- New front and rear bumper
- New head lights and tail lights
- New round fog lamps
- New steering wheel
- New front grille and alloy wheels
- Renault logo on hatch and front grille

Same in Renault Pulse and Nissan Micra

- Both are manufactured in same factory located in Chennai
- Based on same V-platform to keep the costs down
- Share same suspension, 5 speed gearbox
- Share same petrol and diesel engines
- Same instrument cluster and central console
- Same front and rear seats, same door handles
- Same tyres, rear-view mirrors, doors, bonnet and hatch

Interiors of Renault Pulse

The interiors of Pulse very spacious and feature rich like Nissan Micra. It shares most of the design cues and parts from Micra; the only change is that Pulse features new steering wheel and different colour scheme for seats and door pads. The boot space of Renault Pulse is very decent and can accommodate 2-3 suitcases easily. The top model of Pulse is expected to feature power steering, power windows, remote central locking, air-conditioner, rear defogger, rear washer/wiper, leatherette seats, dash integrated music system and rear parcel tray. The central console and instrument cluster are same like Nissan Micra, which are in silver finish and looks very different and unique. But Renault should have tried something else to differentiate Pulse from Nissan Micra.

Variants of Renault Pulse

- Renault Pulse Petrol
- Renault Pulse Diesel RxL
- Renault Pulse Diesel RxL Option
- Renault Pulse Diesel RxZ
- Renault Pulse Diesel RxZ Option
Renault Pulse diesel is available in four variants - RxL, RxL Option, RxZ and RxZ Option. Renault Pulse petrol is expected to be launched in April/May 2012. The option variant comes with 2 airbags - driver + passenger.

Price of Renault Pulse

- Renault Pulse Diesel RxZ – Rs. 5,77,000 (ex-showroom New Delhi)
- Renault Pulse Diesel RxL – Rs. 6,25,000 (ex-showroom New Delhi)
- Renault Pulse Diesel RxZ Option – Rs. 5,90,000 (ex-showroom New Delhi)
- Renault Pulse Diesel RxL Option – Rs. 6,38,000 (ex-showroom New Delhi)
Renault Pulse's base model (RxL) is priced at Rs. 5.77 lakhs and top model (RxZ) is priced at Rs. 6.25 lakhs. These prices are ex-showroom New Delhi. The base model of Pulse petrol is expected to be priced at 5.3 lakh rupees and it is expected to be launched later this year.

Shades Available in Renault Pulse

Renault Pulse is available in six shades:
- Champagne Gold
- Metallic Grey
- Metallic Red
- Metallic Silver
- Pearl White
- Solid Black


  1. According to performance this car generate 75 BHP power @ 6k rpm and 104 Nm @4k of torque which is quite impressive.Its top speed is 160 kmph with 5 manual speed transmission.All these things makes it a perfect car.
    Renault Pulse Review

  2. Its specifications are impressive.This hatchback Renault Pulse model have B+ segment car have 1.2 Liter petrol engine with 3 cylinder.Renault Pulse got perfect looks and it suits to the urban environment.


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