GK and Computer Questions asked in SBI associate PO 2014 exam 9th November 2014

Morning Shift

  1. Which is the Regulatory body for RRB? - NABARD
  2. Who is the author of God of small thing ? Arundhati Roy
  3. NPS stands for? National pension scheme
  4. RBI policy related to money laundering? Know Your Customer
  5. NBFC deals in? -  providing banking services
  6. What is the full form of PDF? Portable Document Format
  7. Who won the Nobel piece awrd 2014? Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay
  8. Who belongs to tennis? options were - djokovic, federer, messi
  9. When is world rabies day? 28th setember
  10. Interest on savings account is calculated on which basis? daily basis
  11. In which of the following places there is no nuclear plant? - kenya
  12. Mutual funds regulated by ? - Securities and Exchange Board of India
  13. What is ping in computer networking utility? - Packet InterNet Groper
  14. Processor speed measure in Instructions per second
  15. Using two different brand names for a propose of single product is called? Co-branding
  16. One question on repo rate
  17. What is the function of Ctrl + s in MS Word = to save file or document
  18. Ping in computer used for
Short for Packet InterNet Groper, ping is a utility used to verify whether or not a network data packet is capable of being distributed to an address without errors. The ping utility is commonly used to check for network errors.

Evening Shift

  1. What does B stands for in ECB ? - Borrowings 
  2. What is the full form of RRB ? - Regional rural Bank
  3. What is the upper limit of PPF ? - 1.5 lakh
  4. What is the oldest currency in the world? - Pound sterling
  5. Which among the following is not an output device ? - Scanner
  6. Who is the author of the book Final Test: Exit Sachin Tendulkar ? - Dilip D' Souza
  7. What will Inflation result in ? - Decrease in economic activities of a country
  8. Which among the following is a volatile memory ? - RAM
  9. Question based on the definition of GNP (Gross National Product)
  10. What is an Internet explorer ? Browser
  11. What is the extension used for MS word ? - .doc,.docx
  12. What is the first step of buying ? - need recognition
  13. In which of the following areas there is no 100% FDI in railways ? -  
  14. who is water resource minister ? - Uma Bharti
  15. the 5000 ₹ overdraft in Jan dhan will be applicable only if the account is active for how many months.
  16. The slogan " I have a dream" is given by which American activist in his public speech ? - Martin Luthor King
  17. which PSU is responsible for insurance over export? - Export Credit Insurance 
  18. Which is an insurance regulatory body- IRDA