IBPS PO IV - GK Questions Asked in 2nd November 2014 - Both Shift

1. National Housing Bank is a subsidiary of which Institution – RBI
 2. How many Aisian games Gold won by India - 11
 3. MOM (Mars Orbit Mission) – Space Craft Orbiting Mars reached on which day -24th September 2014
4. Syndicate Bank Tagline - Your Faithful And Friendly Financial Partner
 5. Bank to starts cardless cash withdrawal – Bank of India
 6.  Question related to Interest on Loan – Weather its a flat rate or on reducing balance
 7. Share of Indian Gov in BMB (Bhartiya Mahila Bank) -
 8. Question on the name of power project in UP
 9. Hewllet Packard is related with - IT
 10. Question on Minimum Sex Ratio – Daman & Diu (UT) and Haryana (State)
 11. Country which doesn’t follow euro Currency
 12. Swachta Udyami  Yojna launched by which ministry - Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment
 13. Cairo is Captial of - Egypt
 14. GDR full form – Global Depository Receipts
 15. What is the mean of O in NRO - Ordinary
 16. what is the mean of C in CAMELS – Capital Adequacy
 17. Reason for Crossing of Cheque in the Corner
 18. KUUCHIPUDI dance of which state – Andhra Pradesh
 19. Banking ombudsman launched by - RBI
 20. Question Reverse repo rate & Repo rate
 21. Minister of Tribal Affairs – Jual Oram
 22. IRDA Full form –Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
 23. One question related with Basel III
 24. Runner In KABADDI game in Asian Games– Iran
 25. Capital of South Korea  - Seoul
 26. Old name of Axis Bank – UTI Bank
 27. which country DON'T have dollar currency - One of the option was SWEDEN
 28. What is "Hundi" - Financial instrument that developed on the Indian sub-continent for use in trade and credit transactions. Hundis are used as a form of remittance instrument to transfer money from place to place, as a form of credit instrument or IOU to borrow money and as a bill of exchange in trade transactions.
 29. Means of M in OMO - Market
 30. Umbrella Movement- 2014 - Hongkong Protest
 31. NPA is declared Time limit- 90 Days Overdue
 32. Which year was the first nuclear explosion in india's named Smiling Buddha- 1974
 33. Minimun amount in PPF- Rs 500
 34. SBI launched multicurrency card in association with - Mastercard
 35. Kathakali Dance belongs to which state- Kerala
 36. Most Valuable player in Asian Games 2014 India's Campaign - Mary Kom (Other wise Kosuke Hagino)
 37. Committee to examine the current monetary policy- Urijit Patel Committee
 38. Currency of Algeria- Dinar
 39. What is universal Banking - A banking system in which banks provide a wide variety of financial services, including both commercial and investment services.
 40. Two lives book written by -Vikram Seth
 41. Invention of Alfred Nobel- Dynamite
 42. What ‘E’ denotes in NRE?- External (Non Resident External)
 43. Which State launched Nutrition Mission recently- Uttar Pradesh
 44. Who is the founder of the famous Red Cross Foundation - Henry Dunant, Gustave Moynier
 45. Which insurance company has the tagline ‘Aapke Sachche Advisor’- Max Life Insurance
 46. Who headed the panel that recommended diluting govt. share in public sector banks to below 50% - P J Naik
 47. On a certain angle, the security thread on a rupee note changes to – Blue
 48. Who is popularly known as Lok Nayak - Jayaprakash Narayan
 49. HDFC Standard Life is a – Life Insurance Company
 50. MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
 51. In which option no photo to be asked for bank account from?
 52. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award in the field of – Science & Technology
 53. Saving & Current Account for banks helps in maximising what?
 54. Least Female Literacy Rate – Rajasthan (52.6%)
55. One Question on SARFAESI Act
 56. Scheme related to empowerment of Adoloscent Boys - Saksham