GK Questions Asked in IBPS Clerk Exam 14th December 2014

GK and computer section which was asked

Morning Shift

(1) UNIDO headquarter
(2) In which bank LAGHU ACCOUNT can be opened?
(3) Which of the following is not in the list of top 10 richest person ?
(4) In IFFI RAJNAIKANT awarded by whom?
(5) NCR full form
(6) Sarita devi related with which Dance?
(7) ECGL full form
(8) CDS percentage

(9) Maximum amount in KVP
(10)Y Chung Related with which game?
(11)Where ISRO situated ?
(12) CHINA currency –
(13) GHOOMAR Dance-
(14) What is EBOLA?
(15) Which of the following river is in MP?
(16) Nalanda University situated in which state?
(17) VAT full form-
(18) RTGS full form-
(19) How much amount can be deposited in saving account?
(20) Half girl friend written by?
(21) National Human Rights Day?
(22) Capital of Bangkok??
(23) Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award?
(24) TDS without PAN CARD
(25) Overdraft in PMJDY
(26) Rate of interest decided by what?
(27) Full form of WAN
(28) MS DOS
(29)Neft full form
(30) Who owned BALCO?
(31) Who gave award to Rajnikanth
(32) How many public sector banks?
(33) Bhaichung Bhutia related to which sport
(34) Capital of Bhutan

(35) Where was cycling event held?

(36) One question related to treasury bills

(37) Which of the following is not in the list of top 10 richest person ?


  • Currency of Oman - Omani rial
  • Full Form of WWW- World wide web
  • Kuwait capital- Kuwait City
  • UNICEF HQ- New York
  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - 25 November 
  • State Minister Of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship- Rajiv Pratap Rudy 
  • Anirban Lahiri related to?- Golf
  • Full form of MICR- Magnetic Ink Character Reader
  • Full form of RTGS- Real Time Gross Settlement
  • SAARC summit 2014- Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Sansad Adarsh Gram yojna started on whose birthday- Lok Nayak Jaya Prakash Narayan
  • Full form of HTTP- HyperText Markup Language
  • Rajnath constituency- Lucknow
  • Indira Gandhi Awas Yojna will provide house to how many households-
  • Target of accounts under JanDhan Yojna- 10 crore
  • Commonwealth games held in?
  • Target under PMJDY 
  • Artificial intelligence related questions
  • Bank borrow money from RBI - Repo Rate
  • Oracle is
  • MICR
  • Unity day
  • 2016 olympics venue
  • ASCII full form
  • One question related to GPS
  • ATS full form 
  • One question from RFID chip
  • Chip commonly known as
  • Which of the following not a storage? Printer