Performance Exhausts - Janspeed technology for fine tuning car’s performance

Performance Exhausts

  • Innovative Janspeed technology for fine tuning your car’s performance
  • Improve the performance, style and sound of your car exhaust system
  • Increase power output with a complete system from Janspeed exhausts
When it comes to getting a little extra power from your car’s performance then there’s no better way to start that tuning process than with a performance exhaust system from Janspeed.
Fitting a Janspeed performance exhaust system to your car improves the air flow through your engines cylinder head, allowing the spent combustion gases to clear the outlet chamber faster.
With a wider exit port releasing the spent gases, the increase in engine efficiency increases the ‘Brake Horse Power’ output giving your car a performance boost you can often feel at the accelerator pedal.
What’s more, because Kwik Fit can supply and fit your Janspeed performance exhaust you can choose when and where the system is fitted. For your convenience, Janspeed performance exhausts are now available through over 570 Kwik Fit centres in the UK and our trained technicians are on hand to help and guide you through your system choices* and when you have made your choice an order will be placed and fitment arranged usually within 3 working days.
Why not call in to your nearest Kwik Fit centre today and arrange your fitting appointment- we’re open 7 days a week.

Why Choose Janspeed Performance Exhausts?

JanspeedIf you are looking to improve the performance of your car’s power output, then a complete exhaust assembly from Janspeed can help. Janspeed are manufacturers of finely tuned exhaust parts that help to improve the gas flow from inside your engine combustion chambers through to the rear of the car, reducing gas flow restrictions usually present in non-tuned exhaust systems.
For maximum performance increase from your system we recommend the fitment of a complete Janspeed exhaust assembly, including the manifold. And if you’re working on a budget its good to know that the Janspeed rear silencer range is interchangeable with most other exhaust components, making it easier for you to start the tuning process- choose Janspeed performance exhausts for your car.

From the Engine to the Tailpipe

  1. Manifold
    One of the best places to start the tuning process and improving the engine gas flow is to change your car’s old exhaust manifold and replace it with a Janspeed tuned manifold.
  2. Catalytic Converters
    A standard catalytic converter normally has 400 passages per square inch (PPSI) which can restrict the flow of exhaust gases. Janspeed sports catalysts typically feature 100 to 200 PPSI, vastly improving gas flow at the same time maintaining emissions and MoT compliancy.
  3. Systems Middle Section
    This part of the system helps to improves gas flow, fine tune the sound your exhaust system makes and increases your car’s performance.
  4. Rear Silencers
    Transforming the look, sound and performance of your car with a Janspeed rear silencer is a popular first step in the fine tuning process. Most Janspeed silencers are interchangeable with other exhaust components making it easier to upgrade your current exhaust systems.