Don't need batteries to light your way anymore

Don't need batteries to light your way anymore

Have you ever been in the situation, when it is so dark around that you can't even open the door with your key? Everything that glows is used then as a torch – cell phone’s display, hand watch’s light, etc. Of course it’s a good idea to carry a flash-light around. But sometimes they are so bulky, and batteries in them like to discharge when you need light the most. Portable flash-lights often use small and expensive batteries, that are sometimes more expensive than the device.

The solution was found by Red5. Portable flash-light that runs WITHOUT any battery! Just wind the small crank that hides in there – and this gadget will light your way in the dark. You will never be left alone in the dark again; there is no need to worry about battery life any more. It is extremely portable and useful, and I’m sure – there will be place in your pockets for this tiny shiny gadget.


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