LED invaders door mat

LED invaders door mat
Are you tired of being awake in the middle of the night, hearing strange sounds? Have you become suspicious about everyone in your neighborhood or being afraid even of space invaders?

Don’t let any intruder get close to your house. Even if it is a space invader you will find out sooner than anybody else will with the new LED invaders door mat.
This stylish door mat gadget has a motion sensor that can detect humans that are near.

It has funny green animated invaders that begin to dance, informing a stranger is on the mat. This glowing green things move back and forth across the top of the mat, making the unwilling guests to run away trembling in fear.

This door mat uses 4 AAA batteries and is recommended for the indoor use only.

So now don’t worry about your safety. No one will trespass to your kingdom, not even aliens or robots, noodle guys or god knows what creatures you are imaging now.