The Lord of the iRing

Nowadays great efforts are made in order to simplify our life activity. Thus, there is no need to spare a lot of time in order to perform any operation because just a single touch is enough for modern devices to understand what exactly you want them to do. However, we should never stop at what has been accomplished.

Victor Soto who designed a new interesting gadget also adheres to this principle. His concept iRing represents a high-end ring, which helps you by means of Bluetooth technology and a tiny touch screen to control Apple devices, such as iPod and iPhone. Although it's available just in two colors - black and white - it can be considered as a very stylish device with well-known Apple symbol on it. This Apple symbol serves as an indicator that shows a current state of a device, which is under iRing's control. There is no need to take iPod out of your pocket in case you want to change track. Built-in battery will ensure a few days of continuous functioning. So, you can charge it just two or three times a week.

The significant advantage of this gadget is the fact that it is hard to lose it. Moreover, those who have some Apple things most likely will love it because they will be able to control their favorite devices by means of a single ring. Yet, sometimes they will be forced to take their iPods or iPhones out in order to perform more complex operations.