Maglev windmills are 1000x more efficient than usual ones

One of the most critical problems of modern times is search for alternate energy sources. Every day we drain resources from our planet, and it is time to think about situation, when they will be nearly depleted. Of course, we already discovered nearly infinite sources of energy - wind power, water flow, geo-thermal...

Unfortunately, alternate methods of producing energy are not as effective as usual ones, and often require big funds to build generators. However, as technologies develop, we can upgrade existing methods and make them many more effective, like windmills in this case. Using maglev technologies, windmills can be 1000x more efficient because one maglev windmill is able to replace about a 1000 of usual windmills!

Magnet Levitation technology offers almost no friction between moving parts. Blades literally float above the base, which eliminates friction and boosting efficiency hundreds of times! It is capable of scaling to massive sizes, and with a proposed 53M dollars turbine can produce energy to power 750 000 homes - a result that a 1000 of usual windmills offer.

Operational costs are two times smaller than usual which makes new invention a reasonable replacement, taking in consideration that it requires less area too: one maglev windmill at 100 acres versus a thousand of usual ones at 16 000 acres - a huge difference! Maglev turbine can use wind starting from small velocities - from 1.5 meters per second, and can operate with winds exceeding 40 meters per second. Moreover, estimated lifespan is unbelievable - 500 years!

Even if this is probably too good to be true, it is real and Chinese company Zhongke Hengyuan Energy Technology already invested in maglev turbine building nearly 400 million Yuan. When it will be finished, we will see what the true potential of this new technology is. However, if it will deliver all promised benefits - it can be a step forward to solving energy problem not only for China, but also for all of us.