Samsung Made World's Fastest Graphics Memory

Flash-based memory is developing quite rapidly these days. However, the data access and transfer speed is crucial factor when using flash memory in modern gadgets. With the development of technologies, the speed limit is often exceeded, making possible higher and higher data transfer speeds.

Samsung Company developed what they call a world's fastest memory – GDDR5 (series five, graphics double-data-rate memory). It can transfer data at six gigabits per second, almost 4x faster and consuming 20% less power than GDDR3 chip that you can find on PS3. First microchips that will be announced will feature 512 Mbit density (16Mb x 32), which is capable of transmitting data with an impressive speed - 24 gigabits per second. It is made to be used in GPUs and new-generation consoles (PS4 maybe?); Samsung has already delivered samples of this chip to NVIDIA and ATi. For the Graphics Units the data transfer speed takes a big part in performance, making this chip a good solution to use in top-leveled Graphics cards.

Samsung experts believe that this type of memory will become a standard for top graphics cards, and expect a 50% part of High-End PC Graphics market by 2010. Although we think, according to the development rate of the flash memory speeds, that in the year 2010 will be not only GDDR5 but also GDDR7 or 8 with even higher speeds. There is no limit to this progress, as the graphics evolve we will need more and more powerful GPUs to render it well. So just wait some time, and GDDR6 specs will be even more impressive.