Surf the web wirelessly at the distance of 1000 feet with Wi-Fire

Surf the web wirelessly at the distance of 1000 feet with Wi-Fire

New WiFire gadget will allow you to get access to the Internet 1000 feet from the closes Wi-Fi source. Everybody knows that Starbucks is always crowded and it is a pain to sit near running children trying to read some news. Now you can sit in a dinner next door and still use their WiFi.

Designed by hField Technologies Wi-Fire antenna is much stronger than your regular built in antenna. This directional antenna enhances normal Wi-Fi signals thanks to some software you are installing on your laptop.

Sensitive 10.4 dBi antenna makes it possible to get the signal from 1000 feet away and surf freely. As you see on this graph the antenna does not decrease the throughput as much. It uses 802.11 G wireless protocols. All this adds up to the maximum speed of 26 mbps, also it means that you will be getting fewer drops.

All you need to do to make it work, is plug into the USB port and put it on the table. You better direct it to the source of Wi-Fi. You can even clip it on the laptop's display for even better connection.

This gadget works with any Mac, or Windows based computers and it is very affordable too. It retails for $ 79.00


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