Two 5W Speaker - Cradle System

Two 5W Speaker - Cradle System

Let your computer feel your care with the totally new 2 5W speaker cradle system. This gadget is compatible with MP3/ MP4 players, PC, laptop and many other gadgets.

It can be easily connected by a standard line-in jack or by an USB stream if you want to recharge it or to interface the streaming music access.

Their own stereo output is 2*5W. As there are 2 speakers, each has a frequency response of 100hz – 18khz, 500mV – 1.5v sensitivity input and an input impendence – 10k.

It is available in different colors and shapes so you can easy find a black one if your laptop cover is diamond black.

Has a good size that looks perfectly on your desk or in your bag 216*216*51mm.
Includes few accessories: one AC adaptor, 2 audio line-in cables and a USB cable.