Whether a CD player can be much smaller than a disk?

Whether a CD player can be much smaller than a disk?

Involve the imagination! How should look a CD player and whether it can be much smaller than a disk? It is incredible, but fact! Thanking designer Yong-Seong Kim to our attention has appeared the most improbable gadget, using which is possible to listen not only MP3, but also CD files. This musical player reminds me, as to the girl, wings of the butterfly sitting on a flower, and the men name this player "butterfly knife ".

Concerning other CD players it weighs as a butterfly and occupies as much space as a butterfly would. So it can be conveniently clipped on your jeans or placed in the pocket.

Extending the "butterfly's wingsâ" of the Bufferly Knife-Style MP3/CD Player, put in your CD and expect music, surprised sights and even gazes. Be stylish with extremely cool gadget


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