IPL 4 : There was ambiguity over player retention, says Mallya

The ambiguity over payment for player-retention was the main reason why most of the IPL franchises could not retain the players, who played for them in the earlier IPL editions, RCB owner Vijay Mallya said on Sunday.

"Most of the Franchisees wanted to retain four domestic and four international players but IPL Governing Council came out with a formula that you can retain a maximum of four overseas players.

"And in doing so, we (GC) will deduct a specified amount from your auction amout. So, if you retain four players, four-and-a-half million was reduced. But it did not tell, how much we have to pay to the players. Once a player is retained then the contract is between the player and Franchisee," Mallya said after the auction today.

Talking about the ignorance of British players at the acution, Mallya said uncertainty about their availability and high price was what affected bidding for them.

"England is rejoicing with a convincing Ashes win. However, in relation to configuration of an IPL team, we can have a maximum of 10 players and can play a maximum of four players. As a result, you would go for the most attractive proposition.

"One dampner was the availability of British players. Second was and in general that English players were overpriced.

IPL Chairman Chirayu Amin said the late communication by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) was "not a detterent".

KIngs XI Punjab co-owner Ness Wadia said that had ECB conveyed a bit early on availability of its players, things could have been better.

"You need to have clarity in business. It was to benefit all had it done earlier. It would have helped their own cause. And their base prices were also slightly high.

Mallya also said that there was near-unanimity in the issue of cap on maximun fee for the players.

"A cap was essential. Permutations and combinations were discussed and it was thought that nine million would be appropriate. One or two might not be happy but there was near unanimity. I was happy with this," Mallya said.

Asked about not buying Rahul Dravid from the auctions, the UB Group supremo said, "I have known Rahul since he was a little boy. His father worked for UB Group.

"I have the greatest respect for his cricketing achievements but after three IPLs, we consciously decided to have a young team. We have made that decision and are willing to live with the consequence of that decision."

The owner also added that RCB's chief mentor Anil Kumble's inputs were also taken into consideration. He also informed that Kumble will help in grooming the juniors of RCB.

Mallya believes that RCB is one of the youngest team in the IPL.