Volkswagen Polo Road Test Drive

Volkswagen Polo is an elegant hatchback that makes impression with its classy and stylish appearance.  It comes equipped with uncompromising quality, and a powerful new engine. The trendy design and captivating luxurious features of the New Polo impresses the car lovers instantly. It is a premium hatchback with unparalleled interiors and compact & functional exteriors. It is manufactured by Volkswagen and primarily sold in worldwide markets in hatchback variant.

Volkswagen Polo engine types

Volkswagen Polo is available with three engine types including 1.2L Petrol, 1.6L Petrol and The 1.2 L diesel engines. The 1.2L Petrol engine features 5 speed manual transmission gearbox that offers 75PS at 5400 rpm and 110Nm Torque at 3750m. Overall, it provides outstanding performance with remarkable fuel efficiency. The 1.6L Petrol engine features 5 Speed manual transmission gearbox that offer 105 PS at 5250 rpm and 153Nm Torque at 3750 rpm. The 1.2 L diesel engine features 5 Speed manual transmission gearbox that offer 75 PS at 4200 rpm and 180 Nm torque at 2000 rpm.

This petrol variant of this hatchback is designed to offer 0-100 kmph speed in just 11.1 seconds with a maximum speed of 183.8 km/hr.  Similarly diesel variant delivers great acceleration so that the car can exceed 100kmph mark in just 14.4 seconds with top speed of 164.1kmph.

Volkswagen Polo exteriors

Volkswagen Polo has unrivalled interiors and amazing exteriors that add to its status of premium hatchback classic. Volkswagen Polo logo features a 15 inch alloy wheels that signifies the attitude of car as robust, powerful and stylish car. The logo perfectly justifies the faith on the brand. This trendy car has sleek exterior as it has appealing body colour bumper and body colour door handles. Presence of dashing front grille adds to its charm. The body of the car looks pretty impressive with a sporty figure that catches the eyes of car lovers and onlookers on roads. Exterior beauty of the car is further enhanced by the presence of chrome finished trim on the front radiator grille.

Volkswagen Polo Interiors

Volkswagen Polo interiors are not only attractive but also offer comfort. The dual tone interior along with its dual tone dashboard enhances the beauty of its interiors. The presence of leather upholstery offers stylish and luxurious look to the car. The interiors of the car are roomy and spacious with ample amount of legroom and headroom. It features advanced integrated music system that comes packed with CD/MP3 player and Radio. It offers excellent sound quality along with 4 speakers and a roof antenna that is designed to offer world class entertainment during long drives.
Volkswagen Polo features powerful air conditioning system that cools the car within minutes in hot afternoon and also maintains the convenient temperature.

Some of the top class interior features of Volkswagen Polo include fabric upholstery, comfortable and sporty seats, dual tone dashboard, interior door handles in chrome, and gear knob.

Volkswagen Polo Safety features 

Volkswagen Polo comes with inbuilt active and passive safeguards that allow it to drive smoothly and avoid unexpected turns. It ensures effective safety with the presence of ABS (Anti Lock Braking System) and central locking features. Once can also enjoy the safety of Air bags and Electronic anti-theft Immobilizer that take care of the safety of car and its passengers. Others safety features include Dual Front Airbags, 3 point automatic safety belts, head restraints and rear head restraints.


Volkswagen Polo is a pretty hatchback that offers many comfort features. It also takes care of the safety of passengers and pedestrians. It is spacious and gives value for money. Its highly efficient engine offers good engine performance with excellent acceleration. One of its drawbacks is the high maintenance costs associated with it.