Volkswagen Polo Vs Fiat Punto

Volkswagen Polo and Fiat Punto are both premium hatchbacks that exude style and power in their own way. While Punto is the German design and Polo represent Italian. Polo showcases luxury and captivating interiors, while Punto delivers speed and style. Both these hatchbacks are in the same segment; however Punto scores in terms of style and power.

Polo looks appealing and comes with German engine. However, it is the Punto that answer the needs for style.  In terms of interiors of hatchback, Polo emerges as the clear winner where it is crafted beautifully while Punto looks bit cramped up. Polo has ultra spacious room inside and it is very comfortable from inside. On the other hand, Punto is not as comfy as Polo. Both cars can easily accommodate 5 adults along with their luggage.

As far as the engine performance is concerned, Punto offers more power delivery as compared to Polo. Punto has New engine that is tuned for performance and is in line with new specifications. The Polo engine is designed for sheer driving pleasure and is ideal for cruising. It performs well on straights and curves. In terms of the reliability of engine, Volkswagen engine scores over Fiat Engine.  Maintenance costs of the Fiat engine are higher as compared to Volkwagen engine.

Volkswagen Polo has great ride experience and both cars are comparable in terms of handling of the car. Driving the Polo on highways is very smooth because of its light weight engine. Due to the presence of tuned engine, driving the Polo is easy. On the other hand, Punto is a heavy vehicle to   manoeuvre because of its heavy and powerful engine. However, handling capacity of Punto is better as it allows you to handles the car as per your wish.

Polo scores above Punto in terms of economy and maintenance costs. If one is looking to save money than Polo is the preferred option.