CBSE schools delisted from participating in sports

The schools of Central Board of Secondary Education have been delisted from taking part in the district, state and national level games which are structured by Rajasthan education department. Due to this, many students who have trained themselves arduously for diverse games will go to waste as they won’t be allowed to partake in the games.

The reason for excluding CBSE schools have not been clarified by the education department but officials stated that government schools do not get the opportunity to participate in such levels, might be the reason. An official stated, “After delay in admission process of college by bringing in percentile pattern, CBSE students will now lose out on games and sports at diverse levels, reason being, the student gets engaged in sports and different exams when selected for state level and thus creates problem for the department. They avoid education programme at last moment”.

Students of CBSE have started protesting against this order. They state that their future depends on the certificate of national and state level sports and games & after this order they won’t get the grades in admission in colleges or in jobs. Along with CBSE students, different organizations have also started protesting against this order. Even coaches and trainers of government schools condemn this order saying that this means Rajasthan won’t get entry in state, national and international level games. Government schools students are already doing well in games like kabaddi, kho-kho, sprint, long jump, high jump, disc throw, etc.