GK Questions - IBPS RRB Officer Scale - I (Sept 2014)

 GK Questions - IBPS RRB Officer Scale - I (6th Sept 2014) Morning shift

General Awareness questions which was asked in today's IBPS -RRB Officer Scale - I Exam Morning Shift.

Following questions were shared by our readers with us.

General Awareness Questions

1.    Next G-20 summit (2015) is to be held in – Turkey
2.    Capital of Bhutan – Thimpu
3.    Currency of Italy – Euro
4.    Current CRR – 4%
5.    Minimum RTGS – 2 lakh
6.    External Affair Minister  of India – Sushma Swaraj
7.    Work of Banking Ombudsman – Solving customer complaints.
8.    What is not true about credit card?
9.    What is not true about mobile alert?
10.  ISIS is active in which states – Iraq & Syria
11.  Where is SHIGMO festival celebrated – Goa
12.  President gave Padma Vibhushan to which eminent author? – Ruskin Bond
13.  Children above 10 yrs of age are not allowed which facility – Current Account
14.  Face to face video communication in which bank – Indusind Bank.
15.  First Bank to set up Payment Gateway – SBI
16.  India and Brazil agreement 2014 – trade and investment flows.
17.  Palestinian Hamas is – Palestinian Islamist political organization and militant group.
18.  Max amount of credit card transaction on which we get message on our phone.
19.  Rural population as per 2011 census – 68.84%.
20.  EBOLA first discovered in which countryDemocratic Republic of Congo
21.  Cartoonist Rran kumar sharma who died recently is a creator of – Chacha Chaudhury
22.  World habitat dayOctober 6th
23.  Maximum antibiotics consuming country – India
24.  Which International passenger Airline crashed down – Malaysian Airline.
25.  Prakash Nanjappa related to – Shooting (India).
26.  Cauvery wildlife sanctuary located in – Karnataka.
27.  Sania Mirza brand is the ambassador of which state - Telangna
28.  Mettur Dam on Kaveri River is in which state – Tamil Nadu
29.  KYC for what purpose - to prevent banks from money laundering activities

30.  Aajeevika " scheme" is also known as - National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM)

GK Questions - IBPS RRB Officer Scale - I (7th Sept 2014) Both Shift

General Awareness questions which was asked in IBPS -RRB Officer Scale - I Exam held in 7th September 2014 in both (Morning & Evening) Shift.

Following questions were shared by our readers with us.

General Awareness Questions

1.    Which state in India has highest rural population - U.P
2.    Currency of Finland – Euro

3.    Capital of Egypt - Cairo
4.    2015 BRIS Summit- Ufa, Russia
5.    World diabetes day- 14th November
6.    Movie directed by Muzaffar Ali (film maker),Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award winner- Umrao Jaan
7.    Role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) appointed by RBI – as a 5th Deputy Governor of RBI
8.    Dipika Pallikal and Joshana Chinappa related to – Squash
9.    Dronacharya Award Selection Committee headed by- Ajitpal Singh
10.  RBI imposing a limit on ATM transactions. Which cities does come under this - Pune and Raipur
11.  The Nobel Prize 2013 in physics went to Brit Peter Higgs and - Belgian Francois Englert
12.  The Vijay Mallya Story written by - K Giriprakash
13.  The RBI issued draft guidelines for setting up small banks and payment banks, with a minimum capital of - 100 crore
14.  what we call -------(some story telling) in A.P and Telangana - Hari Katha
15.  Head of Governance of Boards of Banks in India - PJ Nayak
16.  Commercial Paper (CP) is issued in the form of - promissory note.
17.  Union cabinet approved Ken-Betwa river link which will benefit which two states - UP & MP
18.  Who got field’s medal by International Mathematical Union's (IMU)  - Manjul Bhargava
19.  Minister of Consumer Affairs, food & PD? Ramvilas Paswan
20.  How much capital to be infused in banks to meet Basel-III norms by 2018 as per union budget – Rs 2.40 lakh crore
21.  Capital of Australia? Canberra
22.  Which insurance company will insure under Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana - LIC
23.  Nimmo Bazgo hydropower project in which district of J&K- Leh
24.  Which country will host 7th IBSA summit – India
25.  RBI asked banks not to impose penalties on accounts not maintaining minimum balance on which of the following accounts? any inoperative account
26.  Which model of first ever Smartphone was launched in 1994?
27.  Max money that can remitted to Nepal from any of the NEFT-enabled branches in India – 50,000
28.  BKS Iyengar who passed away recently was a renowned - Yoga teacher
29.  DICGC does not cover insurance for which account?
30.  Funds for Deendayal Upadhya Gram Jyoti  Yojana - 500 cr
31.  Currency of Netherlands - Euro
32.  Human Rights day - Dec 10
33.  Largest indigenously built warship - INS kamorta
34.  RBI license given to which micro-finance company  - Bandhan
35.  AIMA full form - All India Management Association
36.  Business leader of the year award by AIMA was given to - Mr M. G. George Muthoot, Chairman, The Muthoot Group
37.  2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games to be held in - Nanjing, China
38.  Which country is largest wind power producer - China
39.  Definition of stale cheque in India - check that is 3 months or older than the date
40.  The concept of BRIC was introduced by which economist - James O'Niel
41.  Full form of CTS - Cheque Truncation System
42.  Roger Federer related to which game - Tennis
43.  Which bank launched first equated EMI on debit cards – ICICI
44.  24 engineering students died in river beas of Himachal Pradesh  which dam gates where open - Larji Dam
45.  Which of the following feature of RTGS is not true - It is used for small transactions
46.  Which state has Highest urban population according to census 2011 - Maharashtra
47.  Which Irish author Created the character Dracula - Bram Stoker
48.  Regulator of Forwards and Futures market – Forward Market Commission (FMC)
49.  Surya Kiran VII Exercise took place between - India & Nepal
50.  Rongali Bihu celebrated in which state – Assam
51.  Best parliamentarian award goes to Arun Jaitley and - Karan Singh and Sharad Yadav
52.   1st Smartphone created by IBM – IBM Simon
53.  Note which is partially- fully obliterated -mutilated Note
54.  E-BAAT full form - Electronic Banking Awareness and Technology 
55.  Health ministry launches "Anti tobacco campaign" named- Sunita 
56.  SIT head 4 black money- M.B. Shah
57.  RBI panel head who recommend CPI formula - Urjit Patel Committee 
58.  CTBT - Comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty 
59.  Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary state- U.P. Varanasi
60.  FII is regulated by- SEBI
61.  1200 megawatt Lanco power plant in Udupai established by which company- Adani group
62.  According to railway minister in rail budget how many people travel daily by train- 23 million
63.  JUAL ORAM  Ministry of Tribal Affairs come from which constituency- Sundarghar, Odisha
64.  First Skill Development Centre – Jaipur, Rajasthan