GK Questions - SBI associate PO 2014 Exam 29th November 2014

Morning Shift

Nanhi Kali scheme from which bank? Bharatiya Mahila Bank
Japan PM - Shinzo Abe
Govt scheme for providing food to children - Mid Day Meal
New Life book author - Orhan Pamuk, Guneli Gun
IRDA Headquarters related statement question - Hyderabad
Banking ombudsman under which rule - 2006
FMC - Forward Market Commission
Use of SLR
What we do in Open market operation (OMO)
IFSC full form - Indian Financial System Code

Country - capital which one is correct?
  • Indonesia - Jakarta
  • South africa - Madrid
  • Malta - Male
Which of the following is not true for IRDA?
  • HQ in Mumbai
  • Regulates Insurance
  • Passed by act of parliament
Girl related scheme : SABLA
MS Word is - Application software
Who is going to break the all time record of 251 goals in football? - Messi
Brand equity is related to? Marketing
Transaction related stress to customer is known as?
HDFC Head office - Mumbai
GIF Fullform - Graphical Interchange Format
Spreadsheet file format saved as? .xls
Board of governance committee
Inflation related committee
Some marketing questions related to pricing strategy
MAC Full form - Media access control
OMO Related - Government Securities
Which base replaced WPI- CPI
In 2011 census, which state had the lowest Female Literacy? - Haryana
HTML Full Form - Hypertext Mark Up Language
CPI - Consumer Price Index
Question on relation ship management
Brand equity


Evening Shift

In EFT, E denotes - Electronic

24 Oct - UN Foundation Day

Nobel Prize in Economics - Jean Tirole

President of china - Xi Jin Ping

CAD - in the context of computer - Computer Aided Design

Pt. Ravishankar related to - Sitar

Who won gold in Men's badminton in CWG 2014 - P Kashyap

In Excel, shortcut of Row Hide shortcut - Ctrl + 9

In Excel, the numbers are right aligned

The Theme of Adarsh Gram Yojana -

Minimum Amount in Pension Account - Rs. 1000

Bank rate - 9%

Undo command - Ctrl + Z

What kind of body IRDA is? - Insurance Companies Regulatory Body

Mutual funds comes under which - SEBI
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
Rang Rasiya is based on life of Raja Ravi Verma