GK and Computer Questions asked in SBI Associate PO Exam 1 Dec 2014

Morning Shift

GK and Computer Questions asked in SBI Associate PO Exam.

GK/Computer/Marketing Questions:

1.    Overdraft Facility in Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna overdraft facility of - Rs 5000
2.    PDA full form – Personal Digital Assistance

3.    Varsitha pension Bima Yojana monitored by – LIC
4.    Short cut key to go to last line in the document – Ctrl+End
5.    Sizes of memory in Ascending  order?
6.    Tehri dam located in – Uttrakhand
7.    Dear money can be obtained by increasing what?
8.    Insurance company charges what to offer services to customer?
9.    Who is the grand old man of India - Dada bhai  Nairoji
10.  NEFT limit to Nepal – Rs 50,000
11.   CAR stands for – Capital Adequacy Ratio
12.  Shortcut for bold in ms word – ctrl + B
13.  SBI  and Mastercard launch – Multi currency Travel card
14.   One question on RuPay card?
15.  Which country does not have pound word in its currency: cyprus n two other countries were given.
16.   Document which contains all the conditions of the insurance is called?
17.  In case of an accident, who pays money? Insurer / insurance agent and insurer / assured
18.  Which combination of books  and authors is correct: two options were - The suitable boy - Chetan Bhagat  and Midnight Children – Salman Rushdie
19.  Which of the following does not come in the product lifecycle: one option was given which was not from these - growth, decline, maturity, and introduction.
20.     Which of these entities have the maximum shareholding in Union bank of India?

21.     Which of these countries previous name is correct?
Siam- Thailand
Burma- Myanmar

22.     1 question was on call money

23.     India was selected in which of these UN committees or whatever?? Ans -UNHRC

24.     Which of these is a part of the money market? Ans- Certificate of Deposits

Evening Shift

1) anoushka sankar belongs to which field
2) cts 2010 is related to cheque reforms, network reforms something like that..
3) old names of countries Istanbul, Zimbabwe, Palestine were given.. Find which is correct..
4) which countries has dinar as its currency.. 3 were givn
5) scheme for development of children below 6 years
6) name of scheme for village development- sansad adarsh gram yojana
7) what is the option that totals the sum of group of cells in excel- autosum
8) which type of ms-word is not present.
9) jefrey g some surname an American was released recently from which country
10) a question related to irda
11) demat account is opened with whom.. SEBI, concerned share market
12) national spot exchange limited will be merged with- nse, BSE and 2 more were given
13) Uno was started in which year..

1.    UNHRC Full form – United Nations Human Rights Council.
2.    URL full form – Uniform Resource Locator
3.    Which is not Ms office versions(2000,2003,20007,xp)?
4.    One question on Sansad adarsh yojana?
5.    Correct Early names of countrys (Mesopotamia –Philistia)
6.    Mpesa related to – Vodafone
7.    Mpassbook SBI for what – it is an electronic application of a physical passbook for savings bank and current accounts.
8.    Russian film “Leviathan” by Andrey Zvyagintsev won the best film award comprising Golden Peacock.